Caleb Minter’s “Blue Skies” is ‘Color in Motion’ and an R&B Throwback


Minter shows us what many of us have been waiting for.

Ladies, take official notice. Caleb Minter and his track “Blue Skies” gives female listeners a breathe of fresh air. Finally, A black man showing affection towards a black woman without objectifying her all while still making her feel sexy.

No song has done this since Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” in 2009.

Vocally, his falsetto provides a layer of delicacy that reflects the humanistic feeling within the track’s lyrics. You can hear his church roots in the freedom he implores with his vocals.

Visually, the video features an elegant (and insanely toned) dancer who gracefully swirls her energy with his in a truly entrancing dance. The scene illustrates how she’s inspired or added color to his life; a sentiment equally as beautiful as its expression.

The use of vivid paint colors in the video appears to be a greater indicator of how the Tennessee crooner operates. He wears his heart, and his struggles, on his sleeve.

It’s rare for male vocalists to express themselves with such candor—a transparency matched only by soul singers. Caleb is even more of a delicacy given the positive light that he is shining celebrates the Black woman. There is a distinct sensuality to his lauding of her but his affections are hardly sexualized.

That’s true mastery.

His sensitivity and sincerity may stem from the shooting death of his brother in 2014. In fact, if you visit Caleb’s website, a significant portion of it is dedicated to gun violence awareness.

…He just keeps getting better, I know.

Those who prefer a testosterone-laden man might say, “Oh, he’s too sensitive to me.” However, it takes certain level of strength to expose your most vulnerable self.

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It’s critical that Black women especially understand that many of our brothers have not been conditioned or prepared to accept all we have to offer them or conditioned to warmly express those feelings.

There’s a learning lesson for men too. Caleb stands as a prime example of the loving reception and beauty of an emotionally intelligent man.

So, salute to Caleb for putting it all out there. My kind of man!

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