Celebrate Merry Christmas “SuperHero” Style!


Let’s celebrate Christmas with few holiday themed superhero comics!

It’s Christmas time in the Gotham city; a heist artist gets a job in a department store disguised as Santa. Batman gets a whiff of Santa’s crooked plans and sets to save Christmas and also Santa!

I am not making this up.

The above plot line is from “Wanted: Santa Claus – Dead or Alive!” a DC Special Series comic. Of course, Marvel fans will diss at me for starting out with a DC hero example, and will point me to the Marvel Holiday Special Volumes!

Yes! Yes! Miracle is a few blocks down from where X-Men, Hulk, Spidey, and Co. are!

Come to think of it, superheroes do make great protagonists to celebrate the spirit of the season. They fly and spread cheer, fight the evil and bring joy to the common man, they wear costumes, and offer heartfelt lessons. What else do we want for Christmas!

So let’s tuck in with some hot chocolate, and celebrate Merry Christmas “SuperHero” style!

Gather for a Dinner with Family and Friends “Flash” Style

Photo Credit: DC

Wally West, the first Kid Flash in 1992’s “One Perfect Gift” is out on patrol during the holidays with Jay Garrick (the original Flash). The two are out spreading holiday cheer and just doing good, like helping a young woman deliver a baby when the two talk of Christmas takes on a different meaning as one grows up.

But growing up changes everything. In time, another December rolls around – and Boom! – Christmas suddenly stops being about Santa and starts being about family and friends.


Go Caroling on Christmas Eve “Batman” Style

Commissioner James Gordon uses the Bat-Signal, to call upon Batman. Not to solve any crime, but to take Batman caroling with the police officers. Batman is worried but heads into the night anyway, with the condition that he’ll slip away if something goes amiss. Surprisingly though, it is a silent, rather a peaceful night!

You see, all through the Gotham city, in times of need or when something bad is about to happen, some version of Batman comes to stop it.

It’s the spirit of Christmas, rather the spirit of Batman that has kept the peace throughout the city!


Take Time to Help Others Even if you are Down “Spidey” Style

“Down and Out in Forest Hills,” Spidey’s enemies handed him an eviction notice. He keeps moping that he has had to move back with Aunt May. But as more and more people come in danger he realizes his responsibility and steps up giving people their happy times back just in time to celebrate Christmas!


Being in a little Community Spirit “X-Men” Style

Logan is teaching the young mutants a lesson or two in teamwork, and he feels its best to get out in the cold and play hockey, “a little somethin’ about Canadian tradition.” he says. Wolverine is a hard task master but in the end through ice skating and passing the puck, he does help create a sense of community between the mutants. “Logan’s Lost Lesson” from Marvel Holiday Special 2012 is in true Christmas spirit.


Keep the Faith Alive “Superman” Style

In “Yes, Tyrone, There is a Santa Claus” a young boy writes to the Daily Planet asking if Santa is real. Touched, Superman decides to put on a Super-Santa outfit and go surprise the kid with a gift to restore his faith. But then, Batman intercepts; the two bicker, the question looms on Superman’s mission on Earth. It is only later we get to know of Batman’s true motivation – Bat-Santa!


And with that, wishing all you Kubashi readers a very Merry Christmas! Hope these Superhero comic specials got you into a jolly mood. Ho! Ho! Ho!

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