New Year, New You — Are we really doing New Year’s Resolutions Again?

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Well, Hello 2018! You ever so slyly creeped up on us, didn’t you? Weren’t we just celebrating Christmas? Now that you are here, I guess New Year Resolutions aren’t far behind. Oh! Done and dusted with that already?

If you’re one of the people who said “New Year, New You” and made tons of resolutions and have already broken most, if not all, of them in the first week itself, join the gang! You can’t fight statistics – Only 9 percent of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions!

But stay with us. Listed below are some very doable, slightly amusing, resolutions that will prompt you to start afresh in this second week of the new year. Say to yourself, I will not make promises I can’t keep, instead, I will:

Stop making outrageous New Year’s Resolutions.

Looking at the past week and how you’re on your 33rd cookie already, this is an obvious one. Don’t set yourself up for failure! Don’t just quit on your favorite cookies, maybe start small by just having one a day!

Find a better excuse to take a day off from work.

I think we are all sick of the age-old “I am getting sick”, and please don’t let anyone die in your family. Leaky pipes, urgent boiler repairs and waiting for a delivery are real things and your boss will understand. But you know what’s more genuine, not having a clean suit or getting burnt by your morning coffee as it falls onto your lap or not able to find your spectacles when you have a high degree myopia!

Pet more dogs.

That’s a no-brainer, right? Pet these furry friends and your day is made.

Stop drunk dialing, texting, or SnapChatting.

Remember the regret—the shame you had to wake up to after a drunken night. Your cell phone reminding you of all your follies. The drunken dialing, texting, tweeting or SnapChatting that took place when you were on your fifth martini. Perhaps you confessed to your crush or engaged in office gossip with a sly colleague, or worse contacted your ex on the “Do Not Call” number. Well, this year vow that you won’t let this happen. If you can’t rely on your friends to stop you, why not let technology help you by downloading apps such as Drunk Mode. Yes, that’s a thing!

Accept compliments graciously.

A simple, sincere “thank you” is all you need to say when someone praises you. Try it!

Stop stalking my ex on social media.

Seriously stop. You want to move on? Then get your head out of your ex’s social media account and don’t go scrolling through their tagged pictures.

Include more veggies in my diet.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor are you going to revolutionize your diet and start eating clean in a day. What you can do is include more greens, and build your way up. And, if you, my vegan friend are reading this, I am so happy for you but sorry I am not on board with Veganuary.

Try to stay awake during a boring lecture/presentation.

This one can be tough but nodding off during a lecture or a presentation can be embarrassing. Try participating in the class/meeting for once. Chewing gum or filling up on caffeine always helps too.

Separate colors from whites.

Do you really have to separate whites and colors, you ask? Truth be told, till date I cram all my clothes into the washing machine, dump a spoonful of detergent and turn the knob on. But I have been advised, that the adult thing to do is to keep like-colored clothing together in a load.

Stop using acronyms while messaging or even on social media.

This one is my biggest pet peeves. Being tech savvy does not mean you have to LOL, IKR, TTYS your way into every conversation.

Not aim to be “Legen-wait-for-it-Dary” all the time.

Listen up, not all days will turn out the way you imagined, you-flying-with-a-cape-saving-the-world. Stop putting pressure on yourself to make every day legendary. Live in the moment, find happiness in small things, and embrace the ebb and flow of life.

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