10 Reasons Why Getting Up Early Sucks

Getting up really early sucks and it’s one of the rare occasions where getting accustomed to it is difficult. I realize that there are few really weird people out there who enjoy it but here are 10 reasons why getting up sucks… Again… Thought I might re-air this one for the folks who can relate.

“People who get up early in the morning cause war, death and famine.”
— Banksy

Reason 10

Early mornings usually require skillful preparation the night before.

http://arrowheadaddict.com/files/2009/01/blueprint.jpgYou’ll probably have to iron your knickers and pea coat for starters.  Aside from a mental blueprint you’ll also need to make sure you construct a care-package of all your essentials for the next day.  These essentials include (and in this order): tortoise shell suitcase, wing-tip loafers and spats, miniature umbrella, derby hat, peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich, and a snuggie.

  • Shawn Chong

    If only!

    At the very least, you and I embrace it and can change our own lives 😉

  • Most definitely… If only we could get society to embrace such thinking…

  • Shawn Chong

    Thanks! Yeah, basically, it’s just the “that’s how things have always been done” mentally that still pervades society.

    I seriously dislike waking up early… not because I’m a youngin who stays up late… I just feel most energetic in the evening and late into the night!

    And also, think about it… why wake up before the sun rises in the winter… and why wake up in the cool morning in the summer (why not wait until the air warms up a bit?!).

  • This is probably one of the most ‘on point’ comments I’ve read in a long time. I totally agree, and from a perspective I’ve never really looked at things. It makes no sense for businesses to be open ‘early’ when no one is there to patronize the business or not in the numbers that would actually matter…

  • Shawn Chong

    Great article.

    Waking up early is a leftover relic from the days when most people worked the land…

    Those that require the sun to do their work are vastly outnumbered by those that aren’t so inconvenienced, yet the wake-up-early thing still persists.

    In addition, opening your doors early in the morning does not make a lot of sense for many types of businesses, yet they still do it. For example, bank branches that serve retail customers open early in the morning and the only customers that come in are businesses and retired people. What’s the point of opening so early when the vast majority of retail customers get off work at 5 p.m. and look for banks that open later and on weekends? Let’s not even talk about empty malls…

  • Jeff Briggs

    Hilarious and true!

  • Susan

    Another reason for me is that the bed feels so good

  • Walt Fraz

    This is sooo true. Spot on