Equalnox Clothing – “Death to Average” Teaser Trailer


DEATH TO AVERAGE isn’t a collection, that will be here today and gone tomorrow, it isn’t a tag line, it isn’t a corny ass statement to sell clothes or records… DEATH TO AVERAGE is taking every single negative or second hand thing “they” ever gave us and turning it in to something beautiful! It’s about HUSTLIN! It’s about pushing thru the bulls***! It’s about doing what others won’t, it’s about making the sacrifices that most never will, to live like they will never have the chance to! Death To Average equates to the Hustle, in every form and/or variation. While most accept the average life that’s been forced on them, we HUSTLE for a better one, we push, we grind for more! We kill off all other options, we make sure failure isn’t something that’s tolerated, we are keepers of the hustler’s spirit… We are the Death To Average!


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  • Mr305supreme

    Pretty dope vid