“Cities: Skylines” Hits 500,000 Copies in Just Second Week



“Cities Skylines” is a SimCity-inspired simulator by Paradox Interactive that touts more flexibility and player range than it’s EA/Maxis powerhouse predecessor. It’s a game that’s has been developed by a team of 13 very passionate creators who have relied heavily on cues from Sim City for the game’s development. The sales milestone brings confirmation to the idea that fans of the Sim City series have always enjoyed planning and managing their cities without the cheap frills and mods that have plagued and cheapened the Maxis brand in the past years.

Cities Skylines comprises itself of beloved concepts ditched in previous installments of Sim City as well as introducing new features like zoning districts and pre-planned density maps.

It’s biggest success comes in it’s approach at NOT rewriting the book — specifically on the things that players absolutely loved about Sim City 3000 and Sim City 4 (no more cheesy natural disasters).

Take a look at the article done by GameSpot for a behind the scenes with the creators.

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