Health Benefits of Gaming – What Research is Saying About Gaming (Infographic)

A lot of us like to kick back with a marathon gaming session on a Friday night, perhaps with a pizza and a few drinks. You and your buddies may have Call of Duty night or a fight to the death on Street Fighter. This may leave you feeling guilty the next day, slobbish and unhealthy. Do you need to worry, though?

Research actually shows that gaming can be healthy and that it can improve your cognitive health. A German study in 2014 found, for example, that playing Super Mario 64 (remember that game!?) can increase the size of the brain regions responsible for memory, spatial awareness, and planning. Also, there are other benefits to gaming: it can, studies have shown, reduce the subjective feeling of pain and trauma, and have other effects. Amazing, eh!?

So, you needn’t feel a sense of guilt the morning after the night before, as your gaming may actually improve your brain power and ‘Call of Duty night’ will give you a hard-earned break after a tough week. Just cut down on those beers!

If you want to learn more about the health effects of gaming, take a look at the infographic below produced by the experts at Computer Planet.


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