Throwback Thursday – Goonies II


How could forget the super classic 80’s film “The Goonies”?  And what game guru in his right mind could forget the video game that followed.  Most of us only imagined being a part of the Goonies bunch swashbuckling the sewers of Astoria, Oregon (get up on your Goonies knowledge).  Others of us got the super awesome game and hoped that they would release a sequel to the movie.  Eh, the jury’s still out on that one.

We do however have the Goonies II!  Based on pretty much the same plot as the first game and movie, the object of The Goonies second arcade game is to guide Mikey (once again) through the vast 8 bit world of Goonsville or whatever it’s called…  You save all of your pals, and Annie, and a random mermaid that I’m sure a pot head tech programmed into the game.  Mikey’s attacks on the first game were largely whack and so they’ve cleverly been replaced with a yo-yo (yes yo-yo) on this installment.  You can still upgrade to slingshots, bombs, molotov cocktails, and a boomerang (Zelda style).

The Goonies II was a pretty revolutionary game for the times and had a vast playable world with, the very rare at the time, map and legend.  Very Kubashi…  If you still got the N-box in the closet break it out and play the Goonies in honor of Throwback
That’s all I care to recollect.  Enjoy throwback Thursday ninjas!

Interested in finding out about the cast? Click here.

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  • Hefty Mack

    Man this bring back so many memories….back when times where simple and pure

  • phantom5

    Yeah man.. Nothing more wholesome than some good ole Goonies. LOL