Athletic Man in Need of Blue Jeans: A Journey to Find the Perfect Pants

As I’ve gotten older, my style has become more simple—a few shirts, some sweaters, a few pairs of slacks, and a pair of jeans, that must now fit perfectly.

I need a pair of jeans I can wear with a t-shirt and look as fresh as my daughter when I take her out. I need to wear that same pair with a blazer and shake hands with President Obama while advising him to lose the dad jeans.

Unfortunately, my thighs and rear are enormous from years of weightlifting. Jean makers don’t make clothes for this body type – at least not until now.

Mizzen & Main is an American clothier based in Ohio and Texas. Web Smith is a co-founder and wrote a great piece recently on what Mizzen & Main is doing to provide guys like me with a proper-fitting pair of jeans.

Beyond Web and his team working to meet my needs as an athletic guy, I trust Web because he’s black. I trust that he’s got the experience of the black man and clothing in mind when the team is developing new products.

That makes me feel good. I face enough headwinds in this society, at least I should look fresh while pushing forward. I look forward to getting my pair of Mizzen & Main Abrams Advanced Denim when they start shipping later this summer.

Web isn’t the only guy keeping an eye out for the black man and his outward appearance. Odini Nwakuche at Res Ipsa USA is making sure the clothes we wear speak for themselves – head to toe. Tristan Walker at Walker and Company. is making sure our faces feel appreciated and bump-free with Bevel.

What are some other companies doing a nice job designing with the black man in mind?

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