We Know You’re Whipped and Here Are 7 Reasons Why


You’ve been leashed for so long you don’t even know how “trained” you really are, so here’s a list of a few things that will tell you you’re whipped.

Are you constantly walking around in fear that you forget to put the toilet seat down? Are you having problems sleeping because you know if you start snoring you’ll be forced to sleep on the bathroom floor? If you answered yes to any of these questions there’s a good chance that your balls no longer belong to you.


1. You Have to Consult with Her Before Making Plans

Your friends invited you to come over to watch the game and get excessively drunk on a Monday night. However, before you can say yes, you have to present a closing-argument-type-speech to your girlfriend asking for permission. She’ll reluctantly say yes, but you’ll be punished later when you come home to find her locking on the ole chastity belt.


2. You Don't Remember A Time When You Had Friends

You have faint memories of a time when you used to have a group of friends. But the memories are so hazy you’re not even sure if these “friends” were real or part of some trippy dream you had once. Sometimes you think about going onto Facebook and checking on these “friends,” but then you remember your girlfriend wrote violent things on all your ex’s walls and then deleted the account.


3. You've Seen a Nicholas Sparks Movie

Not only did you see Dear John, but you paid for the tickets. In fact, you’re such a good boyfriend that you voluntarily dabbed her eyes and cleaned up her mascara as she cried. The Notebook is your go-to Friday night movie DVD and you don’t even remember a time when you didn’t know all the words to the final monologue in Nights in Rodanthe.


4. You Use "We" When Talking About Yourself

No matter how personal of a statement you are making, the pronoun “we” is always used. We went to the bathroom after eating Mexican, we had a weird rash on our stomach, and we had really bad period cramps today. The other day you tried saying “I” and ending up choking on your own tongue.


5. You Always Pay for EVERYTHING

Whether you’re going out to dinner or paying for Midol cramp relief, you always pay. You’re not even sure if your girlfriend owns a wallet or has a bank account since she’s never once offered to pay for anything. In the past year she surprised you by opening up six different credit cards in your name and claimed that debt was your problem and she didn’t want to hear another word about it.


6. You Asked Permission to Go to Grandma's Funeral

She was beyond pissed when you asked her if you could skip Friday DVD night to go to your grandmother’s funeral. She didn’t speak to you for weeks when you asked her to come with you for emotional support. And she wouldn’t sleep with you for four months after the funeral because you so rudely asked her not to wear her black leather mini-skirt to the service.


7. You're Castrated

Your balls are literally on a jar on the top of the fridge — not even refrigerated to stay fresh. Sometimes you steal a glance at the jar and dream of stealing them back. But then you remember that taking them back would only inevitably lead to “stop leaving the toilet seat up” fights.

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