5 Ways To Determine If Your Common Sense Needs a Tune-Up


We all have our mental lapses at times, but for some of us it’s more than that. Here are a few ways to determine if your common sense needs a tune-up.


1. "It's what they're doing now..."

So nowadays, as ridiculous as that phrase might sound to some, people use it to justify so much of what they do — from what they wear, to where they eat; even as far as structuring their outlook on life to what others are saying/doing…

Let’s take social media for example… There is not a day that goes by that you won’t see an individual chiming in on something that they have ABSOLUTELY no clue about, BUT because it’s  ‘trending’ — feel they have to provide some commentary on. Like for instance, this guy….


2. If you've willing given up 80% or more of your monthly salary to a recurring expense.

This concept really applies to anything that costs you a good majority of your monthly budget. If you aren’t taking into account miscellaneous costs like, food, various utilities, and heck, any other important expenditures, you have failed, at planning and living a life of true meaning.

Okay, well, I exaggerated a bit — BUT the thing is…you can’t go through life for long standing on a razor’s edge with shoes made of butter patties. Think about it.


3. If you've done ANYTHING permanent on a whim, based on a trend.

This dude is gonna be haunted by this terd "sammich" for the rest of his life.

So let’s just get this straight. A TREND, by definition, is a general direction in which something is developing or changing — the key word there being ‘changing’. There isn’t much explaining I should have to do here—really—there shouldn’t be but it never ceases to amaze me the things people do, who most certainly will regret at some point but will have to live with.


4. If you've freely submitted your personal information to the Nigerians (no offense Nigeria).

So, I’m not gonna act like I haven’t been lured and almost duped by the good old 419 scam because I have but in my defense I was 16 and money hungry at the time… Okay, so that’s really not an excuse but hey, I said ‘almost duped’.

So here’s the thing…If you TRULY believed $50,000,000 was just sitting in a bank just for you and was yours for the claiming and that ALL you had to do was provide a routing number, account number, phone number, address, and social security to the Grand Chieftain of Europa to allow his funds to safely enter the states, then you, ma’am or sir, deserve every penny of that money for your efforts.


5. If you complained about the ice bucket challenge but have done any of the following things.

  • Washed Your Car
  • Brushed Your Teeth With Water Running
  • Flushed Your Toilet
  • Taken A Shower
  • Watered Your Grass

There’s no need for me to continue….you get it.

In conclusion, we all do some really dumb things in life but we don’t have to continue doing them. With just a few easy steps you can improve upon your common sense or lack thereof. Stop,  slow down and think about the consequences. Are they life-threatening? Will you regret it later? What would your most seasoned friends and family say? Would Chuck Norris do it?

As long as you’re asking yourself important questions like these, you’ll be just fine.

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