You’re Addicted to Social Media and Here Are 14 Reasons Why


Social media is ever-changing. It continues to improve on it’s own formulas for engagement, but there’s a dark side—getting addicted to social media.

Social media has done many things for us in its relatively short lifespan. It has helped us form sustainable remote relationships, keep extended family bonds tight, stay informed of global events, crush candy, etc. Many meta-cultural trends (memes) have emerged by virtue of the intangible human element that makes social media so amazing.

Here’s where things get a little serious…

Social media continues to both facilitate AND manipulate the way we go about our daily lives. To be frank, many of these “tools” created for engagement and interaction have become social inhibitors in that they do the opposite of what they were intended to do.

  • They keep users remote
  • They increase the desire to only communicate digitally and less face-to-face
  • They’ve become (I’ll just say it) addictions for some of you peeps out there.

The number of hours spent on a mobile device every day is alarming. The number of those hours spent on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vine are down right mind-boggling.

Here's why we know you're addicted to social media.



If you type FRFR or LOL in emails to your colleagues during the week and have now stopped deleting them before hitting send.


2. @FR13ND5

If you call your best friends by their Twitter or Instagram handles…


3. Have you seen that Vine?

If your conversations with your friends aren’t engaging until you mention a Vine or a meme you saw that you thought was hilarious…


4. Hashtag Everything

If you say “hashtag” before key points in your sentence, EVER.

“Dude did you see the latest episode of The Walking Dead? Hashtag, #areyouserious?


5. What's Your Twitter Handle?

If you’ve just met a beautiful young lady and you ask for their Twitter handle before getting their name or number…


6. Seems Legit

If you’ve never actually watched the real news but think Media Takeout, TMZ, or The Shade Room are reputable news outlets… or if you think Hustlaz or The Onion post legitimate information.


7. Facebook Stalker

If you stalk co-workers or colleagues daily on Facebook but have never even said hello to them in real life — like, the life not on your phone – life.


8. You Ratchet

If you won’t add your mom because of the “ratchety” stuff you post. You blocked your mom man?!


9. But You Don't Read Though

If you’ve read status updates on your newsfeed for 3 hours straight but tell people you don’t like to read.


10. Try Not to Pick It Up

If this is how you look trying NOT to pick up your phone during the day.


11. Nicknames

If you refer to Facebook as FB, Instagram as IG, or Vine as “The Vine”.


12. 9 + 10

If you can’t keep a straight face when you say “21”…


13. Selfie Stick

If, and I may offend many with this one — but if you own a selfie stick. Especially if you are a grown man. Selfie Stick sounds like something you get from the adult toy store…


14. Notifications

If you have 73 bazillion new emails in your inbox but when asked why – you (with a shrug) state that they are “just status updates and notifications”… All seventy three thousand – one hundred sixty seven of them…

I’ll just stop right there… Let’s just say you need to give it up for a while.

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