The 8 Types of People You Will Find on Instagram


Instagram – A platform where people share images of any and everything; flaunting, flashing—sometimes overdoing to a point of deserving the unfollow button.

I was late to the Instagram party. As part of my new year’s resolution to be more socially engaged with fellow bloggers, writers, entrepreneurs and travel lovers, I joined Instagram in January this year. And so far, with 54 posts and 178 followers, I am still learning the game.

At first I felt like a deer caught in the headlights. “Why am I on Instagram, again?” I kept asking myself as I went on a following spree, clicking on profiles of the rich. the famous and the powerful. A rookie mistake, I now know.

But I was having fun discovering the many personalities one finds on Instagram. A platform where people share pictures of any and everything, you can broadly classify instagrammers in the below categories. I am sure you will agree!

Let me know if you can identify them.

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The Selfie Lover

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Contrary to the common perception, not all who post frequent selfies are narcissists. I do admire and envy a perfectly posed selfie. How do they manage to look lean and pretty in every shot, where I can barely manage one without a double-chin staring at me? Taking a perfect selfie is an art which I haven’t mastered yet. And that’s why I have huge admiration for those who can. Did you know there are terms, such as, ‘sparrow face’, ‘pigeon toe’ or ‘teapot arm’ which are key components of a great selfie? Google them. I just did too, and almost fell off my chair!

The Couple in Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay

I get love. I love ‘love’. I get they are in a great relationship and falling in love is amazing and worth celebrating. Hey! I say, ‘I love you’ to my better half each day. But I do not go posting about it every day. To the over-sharing couples I say, please know, not everyone is interested in your gushing and romantic posts about how much you love your partner, in the infinite couple-selfies that shows you two in the most mundane of situations, in your date nights and all that jazz.

The Hashtag Expert

Photo Credit: Geek’s Humor

While hashtags are a way to reach out to more like minded people, I confess I don’t know how many hashtags are too many. I probably overdo it, with using as many as ten in one post!

But I do know when the post becomes unbearable. You don’t want your followers to not be able to read your posts.

#So #stop #hashtagging #every #word!

The Gym Geek

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Hello Abs! I am looking at a beautiful picture their perfectly formed abs, their sexy gym gear, the pull-ups, push-ups, lifts, squats and what-not they do, and all the while I am thinking why didn’t I Instagram the one time I put on my running gear and ran to my local café to get my favorite cake!

The Foodie

I drool at every picture they post. I can see that though they may not have cooked the meat at the right temperature, they have clicked the picture at just the right angle so that the chicken looks juicier and the salads greener. If not making their dinner table look pretty, they are always making food memories at cool and hip restaurants, cafes, or their many food inspired travels. And I am so jealous!

The Globe Trotter

Photo Credit: Pixabay

These type of Instagrammers give me travel goals. They are those birds that are constantly on the move, and each time you open your feed you are staring at a new destination. From lakes to mountains, from quaint village to buzzing city night life, they are leaving their footprints everywhere and I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to step in their shoes. Also, what’s their bank balance.

The Fashion Mogul

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Brands love them. Follow them and you will know the latest trends in fashion, what to wear, where to buy it from, what discounts are on, which make-up and hairstyle suits what type of face, how to make casual look cool and the list goes on. Just like their wardrobe. It took me a while to figure out what #OOTD stood for. And then it took me a while to understand that people sometimes have two change of clothes in a day, while here I am in the same sweats for the last two days!

The Quote Lover

Photo Credit: Pixabay

They have a quote ready for any occasion. If you need inspiration to beat the Monday blues or need to stop procrastinating and get started with that project or just need a reminder of how important self-love is, these Instagrammers are there for you. A little goodness and lift me up in your post goes a long way!

Identified any of these on your Instagram feed? And what kind of an Instagrammer are you?

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