The Emoji Guide to Dating & Flirting in the 21st Century


Sometimes dating in the age of technology can be complicated, and decoding emojis is half the battle. This piece will help you determine whether or not that emoji meant more than just “hey big head..”

From the side-eye to the eggplant—let me decipher some of the most widely used emojis as they pertain the dating and flirting in the 21st century.

Awesome Time

Sending numerous bomb emojis indicate you’re having a great time and the experience has been wonderful and exciting.

Don’t tease me.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a real emotion. Send a couple of these if someone sends you a pic or a racy message.

Let’s get drinks.

Turn up! Sending an assortment of drink emojis shows you’re ready to get throw ’em back.

Friend Zone

Sending the hug emoji shows that’s the only way you want to be touched by them.  Mostly for folks you don’t want to send mixed vibes.

Real talk.

Praying hands mean “Bible” or “On God”, “that’s real” this can mean you want someone to know you agree with them or you’re trying to convince someone you’re telling the truth.

I think I’m in love.

Swoon!  Something was said that made you melt in the moment.

Terrible Experience

The trashcan mostly describes a lackluster encounter or what my friends and I call “weak d**k”. It can also describe personality. This emoji is the best in my opinion because it doesn’t take anymore explaining, just this symbol. No matter what you’re describing, this single emoji says it all.

I’m too shy.


Ohhh Really?

Oh word?

It’s like the equivalent of the double-take-look-back-side-eye that you give someone when they say something crazy or that knocks you off guard.

Send Nudes

Ah, yes…these are the “naughty” emojis that are associated with sex.  Unless you’re talking about a home cooked meal, use these with caution.  

Thanks, but I’m good.

Nice gesture,  but I’m good. No need for much explanation,  we’re flirting here, if it were that serious it’d be more than a text. Boom.

Ummm, Okay.

Sensing shade.


It’s whatever and I don’t care.

If the response makes you go mehhhhhhh…shoot the IDC and keep it moving.

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