Throwback Thursday – Chewing Gum Was Cool with Fruit Stripe Gum


I mean, you thought I wouldn’t take you back? Who didn’t love the fruity delicious (pause) flavor of Fruit Stripe gum?

If you grew up in the late 80’s and 90’s you know what this nostalgic candy represents…  It’s what you took your hard earned kid cash to the store to get every Saturday.  How could resist the package, glaring in all it’s fruitful perfection?  I can remember smashing a whole pack of Fruit Stripe gum well before the street lights came on.

Yikes! Stripes! Fruit Stripe Gum!

This chewing gum was a hit because it’s creators took flat boring sticks and presented them in colorful stripes that appealed less to adults who had traditionally bought gum and more to their children who saw the gum as trendy accessory—that you could also chew. The brightly colored packaging bearing the famous zebra spokescharacter was introduced eight years after product launch and helped solidify Fruit Stripe Gum’s spot in our nostalgic memories—right beside The Goonies and Starter Jackets.

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Fruit Stripe Gum

Let’s not even talk about going to school with a pack of this chewy crack. First of all, if you had gum in school at all you were somewhat of a rebel. Teachers had this radar for gum-chewers and would have you spit it in their hand in a second. Come to think of it, that actually is pretty disgusting. Nonetheless, having Fruit Stripe Gum made you a gum kingpin. If you had a problem breaking the ice or talking to girls, all you had to do was pull out the rainbow pack (get your mind out the gutter) and hit ’em with a mouth full of sugary sweetness.  And if you ran out, you had to make sure your re-up game was strong. Now you can find Fruit Stripe and other nostalgic candy in places like this. You can also hit up their website here.

Enjoy Throwback, clones… and buy yourself a pack of Fruit Stripe for ole times sake.

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