5 Ways to Tell If You’re A Bandwagon Fan

In lieu of the sports going on all around us at this very specific moment in time. I have attempted to classify the die-hard fan’s ugly cousin, the “bandwagoner.” Step right down and grab you a slice of this…

Let me preface this by saying that, at it’s heart this wonderful passage attempts to classify the levels of fandom (the good, the bad, and the Cowboys fan)…while being borderline biased and a whole lot of sarcastic all at the same time. I only select 5 because I was lazy (I’m not proud of this fact).. so if you can think of more, be my guest.

Oh, and by the way, number 5 is indeed a FACT. Period.

Have fun and judge yourselves accordingly, fans.

1. I don’t own ANY memorabilia featuring my favorite team.

Jersey T-ShirtFace it, you can’t claim to be a real fan unless you have at least a coffee mug with your favorite team’s logo on it — or some of them cushy gripper socks (with the little rubber goodnesses on the bottoms for that extra bit of grippy-ness when you’re trash pail balling in your boxers in your dorm room) or something! I’m not saying you’re not a REAL fan if you don’t have any fan gear but I am saying you need to SWAG IT UP!

Suggestion: At least grab one of those jersey Tee’s my brother Chris rocks when he watches the games. It’s like a t-shirt and a jersey — combined! And for some reason, I feel like no matter what name is on them they always have double zeros, so they’re even kinda player neutral. WIN.