Gil Bruvel Turns Ribbon-like Pieces of Metal into Breathtaking Works of Art


Gil was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1959, but raised in southern France where he began experimenting with art at the young age of 9. His father, a cabinet maker, introduced Gil to sculpting and furniture design.

Gil studied under M. Laurent de Montcassin, learning the techniques of Old and Modern Masters and later opened his own studio in America after almost 40 years of honing his expertise.

You can view Gil’s full biography here.

Gil has this to say about his craft and his purpose:

“I am an artist because it is the conduit to release the ideas and visuals I carry daily. Since I was a little boy I have pursued my own exploration of creativity, rooted in the unconscious mind and nurtured with daily practice using a variety of mediums of artistic expression. I am very passionate about my new Flow Series. The overwhelming feeling of purpose and expression I felt started with the idea of using ribbons as lines of energy to show the complex intersections of beauty and pain, inner and outer, the ephemeral and the eternal now, we are capable of experiencing every day.”

– Gil Bruvel

You can view all of his work here.

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