Major Updates from Cities Skylines II: Refunds, free DLCs, and Future Improvements


Paradox is trying to make amends for their latest DLC flop. Are we seeing real changes or just more bullsh**? Here are the latest promises for game fixes and player compensation.

As if the botched release of SimCity’s “always-online” feature wasn’t a well-enough warning of the dangers of rushing out game releases, here comes Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive, still rushing sh**. With their latest asset pack release being yet another flop, the fans have had enough, and the execs over at Paradox and Cities Skylines are feeling the weight of the ire. Mariina Hallikainen, CEO, Colossal Order and Mattias Lilja, Deputy CEO, Paradox Interactive have issued a long apology. Let’s dig into it.

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Introduction to the Recent Disappointment

The developers of Cities: Skylines II have acknowledged the disappointment from the community following the release of the game and its Beach Properties DLC. They admitted to having set unrealistic deadlines, resulting in rushed and subpar content that failed to meet community expectations, a recurring issue that has led to lost trust among players.

Compensation and Immediate Actions

In an effort to make amends, the developers have outlined their plans for compensation. The Beach Properties DLC will now be free, with refunds issued where possible, and additional content added to the Ultimate Edition. However, refunds for the Ultimate Edition are not feasible due to logistical challenges across different sales platforms. Instead, Ultimate Edition owners will receive three Creator Packs and three Radio Stations valued at USD 39.99, aiming to ensure fair compensation across the board.

Future Development and Community Involvement

Looking forward, the focus will shift entirely to improving the base game and enhancing modding tools, delaying the release of new paid content like the Bridges and Ports Expansion to 2025. This approach is aimed at rebuilding trust and enhancing the game quality. Furthermore, the developers plan to involve the community more actively by setting up an advisory meeting with player representatives to ensure the development aligns with player expectations and avoids past mistakes.

Console Release and Ongoing Commitments

Despite the setbacks, there’s a tentative plan to release Cities: Skylines II on console platforms in October, following an optimistic outlook on upcoming build deliveries in April. The console team operates independently, ensuring that their efforts do not detract from ongoing PC development. The developers closed their message by reaffirming their dedication to improving the game and regaining player trust, recognizing the community’s passion as a driving force for future enhancements.

Commentary: The Path Forward

The proactive steps taken by Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive reflect a significant shift towards transparency and community engagement, which are crucial for regaining trust. While the compensation measures are a good gesture, the true test will be their execution of promised improvements and how they integrate community feedback into the development process. This could set a new standard for responsiveness and responsibility in game development, potentially leading to a stronger, more community-focused product in the long run. These changes not only address immediate concerns but also demonstrate a commitment to long-term quality and satisfaction, a move that should be noted by other developers in the industry.