3 Reasons Why the World Likes to See Tom Brady Lose

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As sports fans, we try to base our view of athletes on performances, on stats, and on results in the field of play, but every now and again there comes a player that insights total adoration from some fans yet sheer disgust amongst others. Sometimes the world just wants to see Tom Brady lose.

Let me start by congratulating the 2018 Philidelphia Eagles on shocking the world. My brother Chris in on cloud nine right now…

It’s not hard to see why the spotlight has been shined on the frumpy-haired, system-made, fan-declared G.O.A.T. He’s the great American story of triumph over circumstance. Here’s a guy with very little athletic ability that took to a system and a coach and used what skill he had to work hard and beat the sport at its own game. A sport made for the most agile, strong, and athletically gifted individuals was infiltrated by the “trying-too-hard” guy who made perseverance his Swan song.

There’s much to be said about Tommy’s tenacity though. After all, it has afforded him 5 Super Bowl rings, 4 league MVP awards, and a deluge of other accolades that some say he owes to a few league officials. With that being said, here are three reason the world likes to see Tom Brady lose.

He’s a Trump supporter.

We all remember the infamous MAGA hat that Brady had in his locker during that interview. As if the world didn’t already have enough to dislike the guy for. Seeing it somewhat deliberately placed in his locker sort-of highlighted the flippant demeanor many players had alluded to him having. Knowing what 45’s political and moral views and seeing Brady show support for him really ticked off a lot of Brady haters and even some Brady fans. It surely turned many of the on-the-fence fans all the way off and drew a hard line in the dirt between two types of people. Those who liked Brady, and those who didn’t.

He’s married to an insanely beautiful supermodel.

If you don’t know who Gisele Bundchen is you’ve likely not seen her work. She’s a beautiful supermodel and not to mention, worth something like twice as much as Tom Brady. You look at the two and you can’t help but be a little salty at the guy. It’s like seeing the goofy kid in school go out with the mayor’s beautiful daughter. Tom married Gisele in 2009 and bolstered his All-American swagger with the prize of being Gisele’s trophy husband, transforming from the goofy fanny-pack-wearing computer nerd into a male-model-like heartthrob.

He wins but he cheats, but he wins.

It’s no secret that Tommy and the Patriots have been both accused of and caught cheating. Remember Spygate? I won’t bring up Deflategate. That one still grinds Pats fans’ gears. Really all it takes is one time for me. If you are a proven cheater once, to me, you’ll not only likely do it again but you’ve probably done it many times before. The world doesn’t’ like it when cheaters win. They especially don’t like it when droves of other people ignore the cheating and put labels like G.O.A.T. and “Best Ever” on players who were caught cheating. Pete Rose, one of the best first basemen to ever play the game of baseball was barred from the HOF for cheating. Let’s not forget about the Tuck Rule either. Many players today still cringe watching that 2002 AFC divisional playoff game vs the Patriots and the Raiders.

Here’s the full game. Skip to 1:56:11 for the infamous play…

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Regardless of our feelings about Tom Brady and the Patriots, he will likely go down as one of, if not the best quarterback to play the game. Whether we think he’s deserving or not is moot. The numbers he’s amassed and the accolades he’s accumulated cannot be ignored. While the world relishes in his competitive failures (though very few), Tommy re-reads his Hall of Fame acceptance speech and polishes his rings.

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