When I Got Rid of Cable TV I Never Realized This Would Happen


I finally got rid of my cable tv a few weeks ago but it wasn’t an easy decision. Here’s what lead up to it and what happened after all was said and done.

I finally got rid of my cable tv a few weeks ago but it wasn’t an easy decision. Here’s what lead up to it and what happened after all was said and done.

First I picked up a new hobby.

So, I decided to ditch cable tv and I met this local bee keeper who convinced me to buy some beeswax. I was all like: “But what am I gonna do with beeswax?!” She was like “Make candles…” Long story short—I’ve taken up wax candle making and it’s pretty dope. Check me out:

Cable TV - Candle Making

In addition to my newfound creative outlet, I also decided to purchase one of those “tricked out” Amazon Fire Sticks and load it with a few streaming services. Throw in a couple provider logins from a few clutch friends and family, a mid-grade digital HD antenna, and a solid internet connection and I’m all set. Don’t miss cable tv at all.

In a way, this is my declaration of freedom. I’m free from the tyranny of my ex. I know a lot of you folks reading have had similar experiences so I’ve decided to put it all out there for you guys.

Tracy Wendy Gables

Her nickname was TWC but we’ll just call her Tracy for the sake of the story. I heard all these negative things about Tracy at first. My friends were like: “You definitely don’t want that trouble, my guy..” Naturally, I was skeptical but I was also kinda like “she can’t be THAT bad”. Tracy told me folks were just hating on her—basically lying. She assured me she would show me how trustworthy she was. She told me I could ask her anything and she would be honest with me. I was dumb because I should have asked what happens after the first year.

Let me back up…

Things started out pretty cool. Like most relationships do. We hit it off well. We spent a lot of quality time together and I even introduced her to some of my friends and family. After that first year though, everything started to change. All of a sudden she was asking for money and she was making all these demands. I’m thinking: “This is not what I signed up for”. She was going into my wallet and taking money out without asking, at one point.

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It went from her calling me, asking if I was satisfied with our relationship to her not picking up my calls right away. When she did answer she would put me on these long holds. When I needed her help she would always ask me dumb questions like: “Did you check the manual?” and “Did you try turning it off and back on again?” Like, what does that even mean? And don’t even let me be late on something. She would turn all the way off.

I kept telling her if she didn’t change I was gonna leave. I had my friends and family asking me why I even introduced her to them. Especially since now she was asking them for money. I called her on multiple occasions to end it but she would always call my bluff. She knew my options were slim. She would make small concessions but they would only last a few months and then it was the same old Tracy. One day I finally mustered up the courage to call her up and tell her: “I’m cutting the cord!” She was shocked. She had the nerve to ask me: “Are you seeing someone else?” Maybe I am…

Cable TV - Netflix and Chill

I never looked back—and you shouldn’t either. If you’ve had a similar relationship with your channel provider, a cellphone company, Sally Mae—this post is for you. It’s never too late to leave that skank. Except for Sally Mae, she’s a psycho. She might cut ya (eh hem) hand off.


PS. I don’t really make beeswax candles—but I could if I wanted to. It can’t be that hard.

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