What Does Your Choice of Pet Say About Your Personality?


Are you a cat person or a dog person? Or do you prefer winged or shelled friends? Whatever your choice of pet is, they say more about your personality than you might think. Read on, to spot your personality type based on your preferred companion.

Recently my husband voiced his interest of owning a pet tortoise. “Really?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. “I’d rather have a cat!” and so the discussion continued which somehow turned into a debate and a drink later turned into introspecting why we choose the pets we do and what it says about our personalities.

Have you ever judged a person based on the type of pet they have? The most cliché is the term “cat lady”, synonymous with a female who is lonely, perhaps romantically challenged and, or, a career oriented woman. The term is usually considered pejorative, but recently with more and more funny cat videos going viral, the term is being embraced.

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Whether you are a “cat lady”, a “dog person” or a “tortoise lover”, let’s understand a bit more of your personality types based on the type of pet you own.

The Dog Person

You are a parent of a loving and happy dog, and enjoy spending every minute with them, running around and taking them for walks in the park; then you my friend, are an adventurous personality type. You are extroverted, agreeable and conscientious. Just like your pet, you are easy to talk to and make great friends. You are fit too! Of course, you are, with all the walks with your dog. Chances are, I’ll meet you on one such walks, and we’ll be instant friends!

The Bird Person

Remember the chick and the duck from the TV series “Friends”? Or Hedwig, the snowy owl from “Harry Potter”? Did you ever want these birds as your pet? Bird owners are high in both connectedness and nurturance and are loving and social says a study (Kidd et al., 1983). Like birds, these personalities love to travel and explore, are also a bit flighty and emotionally jittery, but are admired for their independent soaring spirits.

The Reptile Person

My husband is not a very emotional person, very detached with things and is independent. Does that give you a glimpse of the personality type that may want a tortoise or any other reptiles as a pet? You can also call these pet owners are brave and eccentric. Reptiles are not fluffy and are definitely not fun to cuddle with, perhaps like their pet owners. But reptile parents often intimidate and intrigue people with their edginess and boldness. Are you that person?

The Fish Person

Seeing colourful fish in an aquarium tank lifts me up instantly. Do you go tap-tap on the tank windows too, to see if the fish react? If you are a fish person, you are most likely a mature, quiet and a low-maintenance person, just like your pet.

The type of pet you own maybe based on a lifestyle choice, your personality type or what you are looking for in life. Either way, you know you have a perfect companion for life.