Here Are 10 Tips For Helping You Get Things Done On Time


If you are like me and it seems like there is never enough minutes in the day to get things done on time. Give this simple yet helpful list a try.

Table of Contents

Wake up early.

Waking up early can significantly impact your day by fostering peace, productivity, and control. Early risers are proactive, better planners, and maintain a positive outlook. Utilize the morning quietude for mindfulness activities like meditation and exercise. Establishing a consistent sleep routine through early rising enhances overall well-being, setting a constructive tone for the day ahead.

Make a list.

Compile a comprehensive list of your tasks to organize and strategize your day effectively. Having a written plan of action ensures you remain focused and motivated throughout the day. By jotting down tasks, you create a roadmap to success, minimizing the chances of overlooking important responsibilities and maximizing productivity and efficiency in your endeavors.

Set a deadline.

Assign specific deadlines to your tasks to instill a sense of urgency and accountability. By setting time limits, you compel yourself to focus and work efficiently to meet targets. Recognize that the time you allocate directly influences your productivity and output. Embrace the power of deadlines to enhance your time management skills and achieve your goals effectively.

Treat yo’ self.

Celebrate your progress by rewarding yourself for completing tasks on your list. Acknowledging achievements boosts morale and reinforces positive behaviors. Treat yourself to something enjoyable or indulgent as a token of appreciation for your efforts. By incorporating rewards into your task completion process, you cultivate a sense of satisfaction and motivation, encouraging continued productivity and success.

Pick up the pace.

Elevate your productivity by increasing your work speed and efficiency. Strive to complete tasks in a shorter timeframe while maintaining accuracy and quality. Focusing on working faster facilitates smoother task execution and minimizes time wastage. Embrace the challenge of speeding up your workflow, but ensure you prioritize precision and effectiveness in your endeavors for optimal results.

Limit distractions.

Avoid environmental disturbances by minimizing distractions in your workspace. Turn off background noise like television or radio and concentrate on one task at a time to maintain focus and productivity. Creating a conducive work environment enhances concentration and facilitates efficient task completion, enabling you to achieve optimal results in your endeavors.

Ignore the unnecessary.

Prioritize your tasks by focusing on the most essential and impactful activities first. Assess the urgency and importance of each task and allocate your time and resources accordingly. By ignoring non-essential tasks or activities, you streamline your workflow and maximize productivity, ensuring that you dedicate your efforts to tasks that contribute most significantly to your goals and objectives.

Start at the beginning.

Break down complex tasks into smaller, manageable steps and begin with the first and simplest action. Initiating the task momentum is crucial for overcoming procrastination and inertia. By starting with an easy task, you build momentum and confidence, making subsequent tasks seem less daunting. Embrace the power of small victories to propel yourself towards greater accomplishments.


Maximize efficiency by combining multiple tasks that can be completed simultaneously. If you’re capable of handling it, undertake tasks that complement each other to optimize your time and resources. Whether it’s running errands or completing household chores, multi-tasking allows you to accomplish more in less time, enhancing productivity and freeing up valuable time for other activities.


Recognize your limitations and distribute tasks to others who can assist you. Delegating responsibilities to friends, family, or colleagues allows you to focus on tasks that align with your strengths and priorities. Whether it’s seeking help from loved ones or hiring professionals, delegation frees up your time and energy, enabling you to concentrate on tasks that matter most.