A Woman’s Guide to Drinking Beer


Contrary to what some women may think, beer is a great drink that’s not just for men. I’ve put together “A Woman’s Guide to Drinking Beer” in hopes of dispelling a few myths and introducing some fun facts about beer.

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I was invited to a wine tasting event and was told, It’s “an experience”. Lounging on my sofa—I thought, opening a can of beer, listening to its hiss and then gulping it down while I binge on Netflix, is also an experience.

I’ve seen my girlfriends spurning the drink for fear of developing the notorious ‘beer belly’. Once a friend very confidently told me to let the fizz evaporate and then drink up, as it’ll help reduce the calorie content. Well, that’ll also drain out all the fun!

Beer is my go-to choice of a boozy drink and because of my love for it I want to help my tribe get over their fears of being judged or putting on extra pounds, so here goes…

A Woman’s Guide to Drinking Beer

Beer is not a male’s prerogative.

Woman with Beer in Pub - Joren Aranas

Okay, so they got there first but we are here to break glass ceilings EVERYWHERE. Beer is too good to be enjoyed only by men. Men with their burping, bumping chests and flexing beer muscles may have put you off with the drink; but don’t trust what you see. Try it for yourself!

Fun Fact: One of the key ingredients in beer brewing is the female part of the hop plant (Humulus lupulus). It provides beer its bitterness, aroma, flavor, and stability. (Male plants are used only in the UK where they are grown at 1 per 1000 females)

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Taste them All

Woman Drinking Beer - Joren Aranas

Once you have broken down the pre-conceived notion that beer is a man’s drink, try the variety of flavors and types of beer at your local pub! The beer industry is growing, and there is a lot more than just the “fizzy, bitter, yellow stuff!”

Ask your pub for the “beer flight” experience, which basically means sampling of several beers. Go slow…if you can!

There’s just so many to try:

  • Wheat Beers
  • Lagers
  • Golden and Blonde Ales
  • Farmhouse Ales
  • IPAs and Pale Ales
  • Porters and Stouts

And so many more…

Enjoy the Diverse Beer Culture

Beer from Tap - Adam Wilson

Found your favorite tipple? Now you can go on a fancy date with your bae and enjoy a nice steak and beer, or throw a beer party and reminiscence about your college days with a game of beer pong! That’s how diverse and communal the beer culture is. It gives you a nice buzz that loosens your tongue and gets you good for a session of gossip, games or galavanting!

Health Benefits of Drinking Beer are an Added Plus

Two Women with Beer - Paloma A

Hope we have few beer converts by now! If not, then ladies, this will definitely help you turn. Beer helps improve mental function in women as well as increases bone density. Additionally, beer is flavonoid-rich due to its hops. Flavonoids are a natural hormone replacement, which could reduce menopausal symptoms — Hello, cool-refreshing pint, Goodbye, hot flashes!

That’s all you need to know for now about beer, ladies! Oh, just one more thing, drink in moderation. Savor that one beer or maybe two, and tell me in comments if you liked it or not. Cheers!Join the Conversation


  1. vartikasdiary Avatar

    Somehow, beer has never able to please me, I recently tried Polish beer which was much better but still I am happy drinking just juices. Love the post

  2. Anshu Bhojnagarwala Avatar

    I didn’t enjoy beer before. I considered myself more of a wine and vodka person. But of late, I have started drinking beer and come to like it. It is still not my preferred drink…but I can say we will get there soon. Lovely post BTW. 🙂

  3. Soumya Prasad Avatar
    Soumya Prasad

    I recently have developed a taste for beer and I love it! I was a rum girl until now but after my first Pilsner, there was no looking back.

    I love this post so much! I wonder why men always think that beer is not for women! I someday want to start a club called “Girls who drink beer” 😀

  4. Suzy Avatar

    I don’t drink and not tempted too. I can’t believe that it has health benefits but okay if you say so.

    1. Aditi Kaushiva Avatar
      Aditi Kaushiva

      That’s great, Suzy! I do enjoy ringing in the weekend wirh a drink or two! 😉
      And a lot of studies have proved that alcohols have certain health benefits if had in moderation.