“Untold Heroes: Extraordinary Black Figures in History” Showcases a Powerful Collection of Unsung Black Icons


Embark on a journey beyond the conventional narratives of black history with “Untold Heroes: Extraordinary Black Figures in History.” This pioneering children’s book series, crafted by John Stewart III and Deandra, aims to unveil the rich, global tapestry of black excellence. Dive into their Kickstarter to be part of bringing these vital stories to our…

I recently had an insightful conversation with a colleague about how “flat” our perspective on black history is. Black history is often limited to American history. We forget the untold heroes and heroines. Still, so many more untold black stories contribute to our incredibly rich history.

One of my close friends contacted me and informed me that he is writing and co-authoring a book called “Untold Heroes: Extraordinary Black Figures in History.” This book is the first of its series, focusing on various lesser-known global personalities. It is a children’s book that aims to introduce children to some of the exceptional figures from the past.

Untold Heroes Book Cover

As a parent, I recognize the importance of representation in nurturing a diverse and rich perspective in young minds. The presence and acknowledgment of remarkable black icons and untold heroes are foundational in how children, especially young girls like my daughter, perceive their place in the world and what they can aspire to become.

By bringing to the forefront the stories and achievements of these icons, we are actively expanding our understanding of black history, which has often been narrowly portrayed. This project embodies the core belief that representation does indeed matter. John and co-author Deandra have poured their efforts into this conviction, crafting a body of work that illuminates the lives and successes of black figures whose legacies inspire and affirm the value of diversity in our collective history.

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Their work is a powerful catalyst, challenging the monolithic narrative often associated with black history and replacing it with a tapestry rich in nuance and breadth. This endeavor goes beyond mere storytelling; it’s about constructing a mirror in which our children can see themselves reflected in the annals of history with pride and a sense of belonging. It affirms that everyone’s story is worth telling and that all contributions to society are equally important to remember and celebrate.

Untold Heroes Illustrations

By launching a Kickstarter campaign, the creators are inviting collaborators and enthusiasts from across the globe to be part of something truly special. By supporting their Kickstarter, you are not only helping to bring a unique piece of literature into existence but also becoming a member of a community that values creativity.

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By supporting their Kickstarter, you are helping to bring a unique piece of literature into existence. Additionally, you are becoming a member of a community that values creativity, innovation, and untold heroes. The project is not just a mere book. “It’s an amalgamation of ideas, experiences, and stories crafted with care, passion, and insight. It features untold heroes who deserve to have their voices heard.”

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