The 10 Most Gang Affiliated Hats in Sports

This list may have you rethinking some of the hats you wear out or at least where you wear them.

The baseball cap is one of the most popular ways to show one’s love for a sports team. This seemingly subtle bit of accoutrement is a clear sign of loyalty for a team that is slightly more involved than that of the casual fan.

Gang members, however, aren’t exactly pronouncing their loyalty to a team when they rock one of these babies. In their eyes, the team logo on the crest of the cap has little to do with sports and everything to do with repping a set. Some of America’s most notorious gangs have claimed sports team logos to signify who they roll with and often who they will die for. So without further ado…

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  • ???

  • Larry Craig

    Now, there’s a good show of the difference between human beings and Jesus!
    Laughable ! Human beings can be so stupid ! Go to church people….You take your stupid hat off in church !

  • tmak0813

    You left out the Phillies hat

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  • Cloudy

    Wtf where is the Kansas City Royals?


    Chicago doesn’t have any gangs.

  • The Rocker aka The Unforeseen


  • Good one to add to the list bro.

  • Dean Berlyn

    The site forgot two of the most obvious hats… You obviously don’t know much about gangs because while alot of this is accurate some of the hats you brought up aren’t even worn often as a symbol or sign of the gang. Kings and Latin Kings wear Los Angeles Kings or Last Kings hats because of the big LK and people who are Disciple killer wear the vintage Mariners hat flipping the pitchfork…

  • Harley Roach

    the Philly Hat Red with White P..60s the White Sox… Bs & Cs

  • Anonymous

    For the Cincinatti Reds, the Latin Counts use that hat for then “C” and especially for the red color since red is their main color (along with black). They are a small but powerful people nation Gang that date back to the late 50s in Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. They are also located in the east side of Chicago as well as the nearby suburb of Cicero. Their primary enemies are folk nation Gangs but they also have bitter rivalries with the Latin Kings and their once major allies, the Bishops.

  • Anonymous

    For the LA Dodgers another one that is used heavily is actually the lesser known Chicago-area Gang (From “Cicero”, a chicago suburb less than a mile from the city) known as the Latin Angels. They are really small in number and only have a few blocks or so in one spot of Cicero. They wear Royal Blue and white and use an angel, five point halo, and a five point star as their symbols. While they are of the Poeple alliance they are sorta Renegades but still war mainly with Folk nation Gangs. The main People nation Gang they fight is the Latin Counts.

  • 187Soldier

    Raiders is Insane Crip, Indians, is Babie 23 insane. They also wear NY hats for Yz yungz

  • MisterB Gone

    I thought the Raiders would be somewhere on the list.

  • Yeah but Chi-town and LA rule the gang scene.

  • Danny Sanchez

    I would have thought the Yankees would be number 1.

  • Would have been a good one to include.

  • Joe

    You didn’t include the Nebraska Cornhuskers “N” hat. Every norteno in northern cali has either black or red “N” hat or beanie.