The 10 Most Gang Affiliated Hats in Sports


The Dodgers and Pirates are among a handful of teams to have hats adopted into gang culture—affording them spots on our list of most gang affiliated hats.

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Whether it’s a ‘Dodger’ blue cap with the letters L and A stitched to its front panels or a solid black cap with the distinctive letter P shining in gold hues, chances are you know these hats and the teams they represent. Yet the two emblems, along with a handful of others, have also come to represent a whole other affiliation. The Dodgers and Pirates are among a handful of teams to have had hats adopted into gang culture—earning them spots on our list of most gang-affiliated hats.

It’s All in the Hat

The baseball cap is one of the most popular ways to show love for a sports team. This seemingly subtle bit of accouterment is a clear sign of loyalty for a team slightly more involved than the casual fan.

Gang members, however, aren’t exactly pronouncing their loyalty to a team when they rock one of these babies, nor are they riding some local bandwagon. In their eyes, the team logo on the crest of the cap has little to do with sports and everything to do with repping a set. Some of America’s most notorious gangs have claimed sports team logos to signify who they roll with and often who they will die for. So, without further ado…

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Top 10 Most Gang Affiliated Hats

Seattle Mariners

Gang Affiliated Hats - Seattle Mariners

Worn by: The Crips (specifically L.A.’s Rollin’ 60’s)

Reasoning: The Rollin’ 60’s Crip set prefers the Mariners shade of blue, as well as the “S” (for sixty) logo.

Oakland A’s

Gang Affiliated Hats - Oakland A's

Worn by: Almighty Ambrose Nation (Chicago), Orchestra Albany (Chicago), Spanish Cobras (Chicago)

Reasoning: The Athletics’ “A” represents Ambrose and Albany, while the team’s green matches the Spanish Cobras’ colors.

Georgetown Hoyas

Gang Affiliated Hats - Georgetown Hoyas

Worn by: Folk Nation (Chicago), Gangster Disciples (Chicago), Black Disciples (Chicago)

Reasoning: “Hoyas,” acting as an acronym for “Hoover’s On Your Ass,” pays homage to Gangster Disciples founder Larry Hoover. Hoover also organized the all-encompassing Folk Nation, which includes the Black Disciples, among other Chicago-area gangs.

Minnesota Twins

Gang Affiliated Hats - Minnesota Twins

Worn by: Maniac Latin Disciples (Chicago), Crenshaw Mafia Gangsters (L.A.)

Reasoning: The “M” logo stands for “Maniac” and “Mafia” for these two gangs.

San Francisco 49ers

Gang Affiliated Hats - San Fancisco 49ers

Worn by: Norteños (Northern California), Stoned Freaks (Chicago)

Reasoning: The 49ers’ red and gold are representative of northern California’s Norteños. The interlocking ‘SF’ logo is supposed to disrespect rival southern gangs, as the Norteños commonly refer to them as ‘scraps’ or ‘sewer rats.’ The ‘SF’ also stands for Chicago’s ‘Stoned Freaks.’

Pittsburgh Pirates

Gang Affiliated Hats - Pittsburgh Pirates

Worn by: Latin Kings (Chicago, New York), Piru Bloods (L.A.)

Reasoning: Black and gold Yankee hats used to be a staple among the Latin Kings, but the Pittsburgh Pirate fitted has recently become more prominent. The “P” logo makes an obvious match for L.A.’s Piru Bloods.

Houston Astros

Gang Affiliated Hats - Houston Astros

Worn by: People Nation (Chicago), Folk Nation (Chicago), The Bloods (L.A.), Hoover Criminals (L.A.), Puro Tango Blast (Houston)

Reasoning: People Nation reps the Astros because of the team’s five-star pointed logo—a star symbolizing the gang. Rival Folk Nation (their main symbol is the Star of David, which has six points) also takes to the Astros’ logo because the star is broken, a dig at People Nation. Thankfully for these gangs, New Era makes different colorways of the hat—Folk Nation takes to the blue-hued iterations, eschewing any confusion over who’s who. The Hoover Criminals have adopted the retro version of the hat, which features a distinctive and Hoover-worthy ‘H’ in Old Western typeface. Puro Tango Blast naturally takes to the hat because of the hometown Houston affiliation, and the modern scarlet-colored Astros hat plays into the Bloods’ red colors.

Chicago Bulls

Gang Affiliated Hats - Chicago Bulls

Worn by: The Bloods (nationwide), Black Peace Stone Nation (Chicago), Vice Lords (Chicago), People Nation (Chicago), Mickey Cobras (Chicago)

Reasoning: Peace Stone Nation and the Bloods got creative with their acronym game here, with “Bulls” standing for “Boy U Look Like Stone” and “Bloods Usually Live Life Strong/Smart.” Mickey Cobras, People Nation, and the Vice Lords all endorse the red and black color scheme of the Bulls.

Cincinnati Reds

Gang Affiliated Hats - Cincinnati Reds

Worn by: The Bloods (specifically L.A.’s Cedar Block Piru)

Reasoning: Despite popular thinking, the Bloods’ usage of the Reds hat isn’t widespread. Popularized by Lil Wayne and his Bloods’ sympathies (he raps “I’m a grown ass Blood, stop playin’ with me” on “It’s Good”), and also The Game (who’s from L.A.), the hat became a universal identifier of the Bloods, but that wasn’t necessarily the practice case. The Reds hat and the “C” logo are limited to the L.A.’s Cedar Block Piru set of Bloods.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Gang Affiliated Hats - LA Dodgers

Worn by: The Crips (L.A.), Surenos (Southern California), Latin Aspects (nationwide), Gangster Disciples (Chicago)

Reasoning: The Dodger Blue cap has to be the most recognizably gang-affiliated hat, a symbol deeply ingrained in the culture and identity of notable groups such as the Crips and Surenos. Its vibrant hue and distinctive interlocking ‘LA’ logo represent the Los Angeles Dodgers and resonate with Latin Aspects, making it their emblem of choice. Furthermore, the version adorned with the Dodger ‘D’ is equally significant to the Gangster Disciples, showcasing the cap’s versatile appeal across different factions. This widespread adoption by various groups underscores the Dodger Blue cap’s status as the most recognizable gang affiliate hat, blending the worlds of sports loyalty and street allegiance seamlessly.


  1. Trevor J West Avatar
    Trevor J West

    Pirus also where Phillies hats, Neighborhood Crips where NY Yankees hats, Brims where Saint Louis Cardinals hats, Kitchen City Crips where Kansas City baseball hats, Compton Crips where the blue version of the Reds hat, and Hoova Criminals where Astro hats in nut just the red color, they also rock it in the orange and blue also the reverse color way. Nutty Blocc crips where NY Yankees caps, Rollin 30s Crips where the Blue Texas Rangers caps. Nsane Crips where NY Yankees caps and Raiders caps. LA Bloods where the red variation of the Dodgers cap. Rolling 40’s Crips where Florida Marlins caps.

  2. Lalo Calles Avatar
    Lalo Calles

    “1. Los Angeles Dodgers” You are missing something there!! You forgot to say how the Sureños refer to Norteños. Sureños refer to them as Chaps (Chapetes), Busters, Estrellas, Lame Farmeras, Nortontos, etc. (There are more, but those are the main ones). It’s not fair that you are stating how Norteños disrespect Sureños, but not the opposite way.

    1. Dexter Adams Avatar

      That’s why we appreciate commenters like you. Preciate the info Lalo!

  3. Ursus_Indomitus Avatar

    Gangs and gangsters MUST DIE.

    1. gangstacrip Avatar

      fuck you cuzz

    2. gangstacrip Avatar

      fuck you cuzz

  4. Larry Craig Avatar

    Now, there’s a good show of the difference between human beings and Jesus!
    Laughable ! Human beings can be so stupid ! Go to church people….You take your stupid hat off in church !

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      Dexter Adams


  5. tmak0813 Avatar

    You left out the Phillies hat

  6. Cloudy Avatar

    Wtf where is the Kansas City Royals?

  7. The Rocker aka The Unforeseen Avatar
    The Rocker aka The Unforeseen


  8. Dean Berlyn Avatar
    Dean Berlyn

    The site forgot two of the most obvious hats… You obviously don’t know much about gangs because while alot of this is accurate some of the hats you brought up aren’t even worn often as a symbol or sign of the gang. Kings and Latin Kings wear Los Angeles Kings or Last Kings hats because of the big LK and people who are Disciple killer wear the vintage Mariners hat flipping the pitchfork…

    1. Dexter Adams Avatar
      Dexter Adams

      Good one to add to the list bro.

  9. Harley Roach Avatar
    Harley Roach

    the Philly Hat Red with White P..60s the White Sox… Bs & Cs

    1. gangstacrip Avatar

      i like the chicago white sox cap

  10. Anonymous Avatar

    For the Cincinatti Reds, the Latin Counts use that hat for then “C” and especially for the red color since red is their main color (along with black). They are a small but powerful people nation Gang that date back to the late 50s in Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. They are also located in the east side of Chicago as well as the nearby suburb of Cicero. Their primary enemies are folk nation Gangs but they also have bitter rivalries with the Latin Kings and their once major allies, the Bishops.

  11. Anonymous Avatar

    For the LA Dodgers another one that is used heavily is actually the lesser known Chicago-area Gang (From “Cicero”, a chicago suburb less than a mile from the city) known as the Latin Angels. They are really small in number and only have a few blocks or so in one spot of Cicero. They wear Royal Blue and white and use an angel, five point halo, and a five point star as their symbols. While they are of the Poeple alliance they are sorta Renegades but still war mainly with Folk nation Gangs. The main People nation Gang they fight is the Latin Counts.

  12. 187Soldier Avatar

    Raiders is Insane Crip, Indians, is Babie 23 insane. They also wear NY hats for Yz yungz

  13. MisterB Gone Avatar
    MisterB Gone

    I thought the Raiders would be somewhere on the list.

    1. Ursus_Indomitus Avatar

      ALL raiders fans are thug morons. The logo is therefore moot.

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    Danny Sanchez

    I would have thought the Yankees would be number 1.

    1. Dexter Adams Avatar
      Dexter Adams

      Yeah but Chi-town and LA rule the gang scene.

      1. rOOSEY rEESEY ROWSKI Avatar

        Chicago doesn’t have any gangs.

        1. BLK King Avatar

          dumb ahh nigga BD GD and blood gangs

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  15. Joe Avatar

    You didn’t include the Nebraska Cornhuskers “N” hat. Every norteno in northern cali has either black or red “N” hat or beanie.

    1. Dexter Adams Avatar
      Dexter Adams

      Would have been a good one to include.

    2. Ursus_Indomitus Avatar

      Wouldn’t that be N for NIGGA?

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