The Essential Guide: 3 Things Every Man Needs


There are a few very important things every man needs and should have in his life. Check out our brief but essential rundown of “the necessities.”

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The Essential Male


A grown man will have facial hair on his head or his face. It’s just nature, man. If he’s sensible, he will want to tame that beast at some point.

The fact is that a guy should routinely have his face and head groomed.

Even if you’re a guy with a biblical beard like my dude pictured above, you’ll have to, at some point, tame the monster taking over your face bottoms. If you don’t believe me, ask your girl if she enjoys her man looking like Sweetums from the Muppets.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s a great feeling to hop into a barber’s chair and get the head and burd shaped up and looking crispy — but a man needs something for those in between times. Right? Like when your beard game is on mega fleek, but wifey hates it, and she calls and says she’s off early and your son needs a sibling. Are you gonna take that chance, fam? Boy, you better have some safety scissors, an X-Acto blade, or something!

Conclusion: A man needs a set of clippers or, at the very least, a razor to keepeth himself kept.

Nice Suit

Swag Tip: Beyond the doors of your local thrift store, past the area with the mildewy furniture and rusty pots, somewhere within the racks of musty flavored clothes, is a three-piece suit just waiting for you. It’s got the flare bottoms, but that’s okay. You can work with it. But leave the vest. It’s not a requisite.

I know that many of you guys can’t really be going out and buying expensive Italian-cut suits. I get it. There are other (manly) things that you have to do with that extra loot.

Lucky for you, you can scoop a bargain suit from Goodwill (yes, I said THE Goodwill) and get it dry-cleaned and/or take it to a tailor and get it all stitched up and dipped in butter. You can have something sharp enough for that job interview or date with the girl you thought was way out of your league.

Conclusion: A man needs a decent suit for “only a suit will do” occasions.

Decent Pair of Shoes

I don’t trust a dude with murked-out kicks. It’s just a principle I follow in life. A guy must have at least one pair of what I like to call “Oh, these?” shoes… The kind of shoes you pretend aren’t a big deal but look good with EVERYTHING type of shoes.

A guy needs a pair of “1st day of school” shoes. The kind of shoes you lay out with your outfit the night before. The kind of shoes you lick your finger to get the smudges off. The kind of shoes that make your grandma say, “I like those, baby!”.

Conclusion: I don’t care if all the other kicks are jolaps; a man should have at least one decent pair of shoes to stomp around in. If he doesn’t, it’s time to step his game up.

It’s okay if you don’t check all the boxes here. You’ll be fine. Take one step at a time. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a pair of really good shoes.

Just ensure you focus on grooming, cleaning, and maintaining your cool. The ladies are watching. And they’re taking notes.


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