So You’re a Comedian Now? – 5 Important Things to Avoid When Telling Jokes


Casual jokes are great for dampening an otherwise stressful room. They can also come in handy when you’re trying to quickly change gears in a conversation, but there are a few important things you need to know about jokes, namely how to avoid these 5 casual joke killers.


1. Don't be a square

Try telling a joke to a square. Seriously, try it. You’ll learn really quickly that squares don’t know what jokes are.

So you chopping it up at your job, right. Your just chatting away talking about reports and cover letters and stuff like that. You decide it’s a good time to hit your boy with a joke. Not just any joke though… You hit him wit’ a bomb one. That one that usually has the fam crying laughing.

Here’s where things go wrong though. After painting a Bob Ross masterpiece, beautifully scripted, joke and setting everything up real nice-like, you hit them with the punchline and it’s hella raw!

It’s so poignant it sends chills down your spine when you deliver.

But wait, your boy don’t get it. Instead he just looks at you, with a raised eyebrow and a curled lip like: “That’s a funny joke…”

It’s time for you to bounce. This is not the job for you.


2. Tell me how that foot tastes.

It needs not be said that you’ve probably put your foot in your mouth once or twice in your life. The worst way to insert one’s foot is to tell an off-color joke or to tell one of those “way-too-soon” type of jokes. Let’s have a for instance…

So, your best friend just lost their job a few days ago and, let’s just say, isn’t taking it well. You, being the jerk you obviously are, unsympathetically disregard common sense and decide to tell a joke.

You say, “Sooo…this homeless dude asked me for some change last night, and I was all like, change??? You want change? Try this for change bro… A JOB!”

Your now former bestie is now fighting back tears while you’re just now realizing how far you just put your foot in your mouth.

Congratulations, you’re a jerk!


3. Never say "get it"

Sometimes you have to hand out assists with your jokes, I get it (pun intended), but I assure you, saying “get it” does just the opposite of what you might intend. It almost always reads, “Yeah, my joke is lame but darn it you’re gonna like it.” No examples for this one, because I’m sure you get it.


4. Clueless

It’s very likely that you’ve come across that one person who never understands anything and as a result is always late on humor.

Let’s just say you have a friend, and for the sake of the example let’s just she’s a she. Whenever you tell a joke, she almost always follows up with, “Wait, I don’t get it.” Essentially shooting your joke in the face with a 12 gauge. It doesn’t matter that everyone else is laughing, grabbing their sides. It just doesn’t matter.


5. The never-ending story.

If you lived, you’ve probably listened to a joke, be it from a comedian or a schmoe, that took way too long to develop. You sit there, waiting, and waiting for the joke to matriculate – so long that you begin to anticipate the punchline… even going to so far as to laugh prematurely.

These jokes can be exhausting. It’s hard to pretend to laugh especially when it’s at the wrong part of a joke. Shoot, when the joke does reach it’s climax you don’t even know if it’s still a joke anymore. You just end up saying something like, “Oh word?” or “For real?”.

Really jokes aren’t that hard. Just think of some funny stuff you would laugh at and tell it with conviction, with pinache. You’ll have ’em laughhing in no time.

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